SOSVPN_Screenshot_4_ENA new version of Steganos Online Shield VPN for Windows is available.

The update will be offered to current users within 24 hours for automatic download. An installation is recommended. If you don’t want to wait: Download latest version (your trial period or premium license will not be affected)

  • New clear design with integrated presets and more tips
  • Now contains features from Steganos Internet Anonym (like anonymization of your browser)
  • VPN protection of your internet connection using 256-bit AES encryption (instead of 128 Bit Blowfish)
  • Shows devices in your network that could pose a threat (and which can be warded off by using VPN protection)
  • Blocks ads in every browser
  • Prevents social tracking by Facebook und Twitter in every browser
  • Anonymizes your browser and operating system (against fingerprinting)
  • New Multiplex engine: anonymizes, blocks ads and stops social tracking. No more browser plug-ins needed, which can slow down your browser (you can uninstall them now)
  • Automatically deletes cookies after surfing (in Chrome and Firefox), includes an exception list
  • Don’t forget: The premium license includes unlimited protection for your Android smartphone or tablet

Please note: The product name changes from Steganos Online Shield 365 to Steganos Online Shield VPN. If you are using a premium version, don’t worry. This name change does not affect your license period in any way.

Using Steganos Internet Anonym? Within the next week you will receive information on how you can use Steganos Online Shield Premium t no additional cost.