(Deutsch) Öffentliches WLAN in Berlin: Berliner IT-Security-Profi Steganos schützt iOS-Nutzer vor Datenklau

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Surfing Safely at the Hotspot: Steganos Online Shield VPN Now Available as Mobile App for iOS

Today, Steganos presents an iOS version of its proven VPN software Steganos Online Shield VPN. The new app protects iPhones and iPads from hackers and data spies by enabling iOS users to surf using an encrypted mobile connection.

Steganos Online Shield VPN for iOS“Never have there been as many attacks on mobile devices as last year. Smart phones store private photos, contacts, passwords, mails as well as chats and connect through any WiFi network. Protection from data theft is more important than ever. In order to expand mobile security to an even wider audience, we are following up the Android version of our excellent Steganos Online Shield VPN with a version for iOS devices“, says Gabriel F. Yoran, founder and general manager of Steganos Software GmbH.

Steganos recommends: Anyone who wants to safely surf in public WiFi networks is best protected using an encrypted virtual private network (VPN). Steganos Online Shield for iOS VPN can now establish such a VPN on iPhones and iPads. Once activated, the app directs the entire data traffic flow through the secure Steganos server.

Additionally, the software hides user’s identity by exchanging the IP address. This makes it impossible for hackers and spies in the same network to obtain the user’s data. Regardless of whether the user is surfing at the office, the library, a café, the airport or train station, the encrypted connection protects data traffic flow of all apps. Steganos Online Shield VPN for iOS also identifies other devices in the WiFi network; potential hackers and spies are thus blocked. This is how all WiFi networks are now made safe for iPhone and iPad users worldwide.

However, it is not only the use of unsecured WiFi hotspots that endangers digital privacy, but also the many apps that transfer unencrypted data traffic. This also holds the door wide open for hackers to the most sensitive data. Steganos Online Shield VPN for iOS also closes this glaring security hole via secure SSL/TLS encryption, regardless of whether the user is connected through a WiFi or wireless network (3G, 4G/ LTE, Edge, GPRS, etc.).

Steganos Online Shield VPN for iOS is free of advertisements and free of charge for up to 500 MB of data monthly. Steganos Online Shield VPN Premium allows unlimited data volume and includes protection for up to five devices (Windows, iOS, Android). Steganos Online Shield VPN Premium is available directly in iTunes as a year’s license for an introductory price of 24.99 $ or as a monthly subscription for 2.99 $.

Steganos Online Shield VPN for iOS: Features

  • Protection of every internet connection with secure SSL/TLS encryption
  • Protection from password theft and recording of chats and e-mails in the same WiFi network
  • Protection of user’s IP address guarantees anonymous surfing
  • “Connect On Demand“: no connection to the internet without VPN encryption
  • Ad-free
  • Free of charge up to a data volume of 500 MB per month
  • Displays other devices in the same WiFi network
  • Deployable worldwide
  • Power-saving even when in permanent use
  • Enables access to blocked videos (e. g. YouTube, BBC, Netflix, Hulu)
  • Steganos Online Shield VPN Premium includes one license for up to five devices (Windows, iOS, Android)

(Deutsch) Vorratsdatenspeicherung: Gefahr für IT-Security-Standort Deutschland

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.


Data Retention of Users Unfeasible with Steganos VPN Software

  • Determining of one individual VPN user’s data is impossible for German software company Steganos
  • VPN services interweaves users’ data irreversibly
  • Legal admissibility of user data disclosure upon court order stays questionable

dataretentieMass data retention is supposed to make a comeback in Germany in a slightly rearranged form. Providing anonymization services such as Steganos Online Shield VPN and OkayFreedom VPN, we declare data retention to be unfeasible concerning our VPN users: Both services interweave metadata of a huge number of users in a way that cannot be untangled. Therefore, an individual user cannot be identified with one IP-address and personal data can neither be determined nor passed to state or police.

In case of a reintroduction of mass data retention in Germany, investigation authorities could request Steganos to pass data regarding one IP-address, a given date and a certain time for purposes of an individual’s criminal prosecution. Yet, it would be impossible to identify any user of Steganos Online Shield VPN as well as of OkayFreedom VPN with a certain IP-address, as an individual user’s set of data is irreversibly mingled with the sets of data of all other users who are connected to our VPN network at that time. We were only able to pass a list of user-IPs, who have been connected to a certain VPN-IP at the given time. This means that Steganos cannot retrace any individual user with that information, but only give out an amount of IP-addresses from several internet providers (T-Online, 1&1, Unitymedia, etc.) that could contain the person sought.

“If the release of these data upon court order is legally admissible, is still totally unclear. By being forced to grant access to information of other internet users who have been connected to the VPN network at the same time, these users’ personal right to privacy would be heavily infringed. All of them would be placed under general suspicion. Thus, it would stay questionable, if we had to comply with the order”, states Gabriel Yoran, Managing Director of Steganos Software GmbH.

VPN service conceals real IP-addresses

As provider of anonymization services such as Steganos Online Shield VPN and OkayFreedom VPN we make sure that every data traffic is directed from the user’s device to a Steganos VPN server via an encrypted tunnel. The VPN server assigns a new IP-address for identification and establishes communication with the websites the user wants to visit. There are two big advantages: All data that are exchanged between user and VPN server are encrypted and cannot be accessed by third parties. Furthermore, users can just be traced back to their VPN server. Instead of their real IP-addresses one can only see the VPN service’s IPs.

No data retention for users of VPN server

Steganos Online Shield VPN and OkayFreedom VPN neither store called up addresses or contents, nor the IP-addresses that are allocated to the user by the VPN service. Also the users own IP-address, with which Steganos Online Shield VPN and OkayFreedom VPN is used, is not being saved – according to current privacy policy regarding both products.


(Deutsch) Vorratsdatenspeicherung: Regierung will Schutz vor NSA, aber eigene Bürger überwachen

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