A new version of Steganos Password Manager 15 for Windows is now available.

The update will be available for download within 24 hours for existing customers. Installation is

  • Browser Plugins: Compatibility with Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8.1 has been restored
  • Browser Plugins: Problems with Autofill in Internet Explorer and Firefox have been fixed
  • Browser Plugins: Crashes that occured when multiple password entries were displayed on one page
    have been fixed
  • Browser Plugins: Installation of the Chrome plugins now through the Google Chrome Web Store in
    order to conform to Google specifications
  • Browser Plugins: Password entries on pages with top-level domains such as co.uk and co.nz will
    now be handled correctly
  • Cloud Connection: The automatic creation of keychain backup copies when using the Cloud
    connection now works as expected
  • Cloud Connection: Error messages regarding connection problems during saving have been
  • Cloud Connection: Problems with the connection of the Telekom Media Center have been fixed
  • Errors with the printing of passwords have been fixed
  • Display error with the text size 125% has been fixed
  • Problems with symbols in keychain names have been solved
  • Inconsistent behavior of the user interface during program startup has been fixed