Steganos users do not need to take any action in regards to the so-called Heartbleed bug in the OpenSSL web encryption. Steganos servers are secured. It it not necessary to install a hotfix for either Steganos Online Shield, Steganos Internet Anonym or OkayFreedom. These VPN products are safe.


UPDATE: In case you want to use the bugfixed OpenSSL 1.0.1g on the clientside as well, you may now download an update for Steganos Online Shield and OkayFreedom. These updates will be offered to users automatically within 24 hours. Installation is not necessary for  security reasons, since Steganos servers run safe OpenSSL versions. Nevertheless we want to offer you the lastes OpenSSL version. There will be no update for Steganos Internet Anonym, since the OpenSSL version used there is not affected by the issue.